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August 3, 2014

Restoring the Hebrew Roots of our Faith
Helpful Links

Links you may find helpful. 

The content of these sites is solely the responsibility of their owners and each must discern for themselves to the value of using these links.  Not all of them teach from a Jewish Roots perspective. They are listed for helpful content. We seek to use family friendly sites only.  If something objectionable pops up please contact us immediately so we can correct the problem.

Kitsap Messianic Prayer chain and events calendar mailing list

We have a yahoo mailing group specifically for sharing your prayer requests, praises and Messianic events in the area.  No solicitations are allowed.  Contact us to have your messianic event considered to be added to the calendar.

Parsha Readings

Following the same traditional Jewish Reading cycle of the scriptures on a Yearly basis helps keep us all on the same page for discussions on Torah. has many resources for understanding Jewish views on scripture.  This is a helpful resource to be read with discernment.

Davidic Dance -Lyrics and music files

Davidic dance steps

Choreographed Dances

First Fruits of Zion

Understanding the Hebrew foundation of scriptures and theology.  Resources for study.

Parsha study and resources from a uniquely Messianic Hebrew perspective.

Messianic Home Schooling helps:

Hand Writing

Language Arts

Craft pages


Torah Stories


Creation Gospel by Hollisa Alewine



Scripture4all is just one of many online resources for understanding the Hebrew and Greek meaning of scripture passages.

Compare versions of the Bible

A Commentary on the New Testament
From the Talmud and Hebraica.

 A fascinating commentary by John Lightfoot on the New testament through the Talmudic literature.

She worketh with her hands
supporting women working at home

Heart of Wisdom Messianic teaching materials for children and the feasts.

If you are interested in listing with us your messianic links for bible study, Homeschooling or Crafts please contact us.

Professionals who keep Sabbath

If you keep Sabbath and are a professional who would like to list your business include Name and contact information, Congregation. Include your Pastor, Rabbi or Elder's contact number and name.  Don't forget a link to your content page and business number.


Many of scripture quotes from on line scripture resource BLBKJV

MS Publisher graphics

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